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Trauma Informed Care



Vicarious Trauma is a gradual transformation resulting from continuous exposure to the pain and suffering of others. When faced with intense trauma, the immediate focus on the task at hand may delay personal reactions, making the experience overwhelming. Engaging with traumatic narratives can also trigger recollections of one's own past traumas. Comparable to direct trauma, vicarious trauma shares many symptoms and can be addressed through similar therapeutic approaches.

Moreover, individuals lacking access to appropriate support or effective coping

mechanisms are more susceptible to vicarious trauma than those fortified with

robust emotional defences. Essentially, individuals already struggling to meet

their emotional needs in a healthy manner face a heightened risk of developing

vicarious trauma compared to those with well-established coping strategies

and defences.

While secondary trauma and vicarious trauma exhibit similar symptoms, their definitions distinguish the two experiences. Secondary trauma refers to symptoms emerging after a single instance of hearing or witnessing another person's trauma, whereas vicarious trauma involves symptoms evolving over time due to prolonged exposure to the pain of many individuals.

Burnout and vicarious trauma share some symptoms, such as irritability, interpersonal conflicts, and feelings of overwhelm. Those experiencing burnout may leave their jobs or display diminished motivation.


This training is designed for those whose roles involve direct interaction with people who have experienced trauma, as well as for staff members responsible for ensuring the health, safety, and overall well-being of both the service providers and those they serve. The goal is to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate and mitigate the potential impact of trauma in their line of work


  • 1-30 employee’s $7,000 + gst 

  • 31-100 employee’s $12,000 + gst  

  • Over 100 employees

      Please contact us for the costings. 


  • 2 Training video's

  • Workbooks 

  • Activities


  • Module 1 –  40 Mins 

  • Module 2 – 20 Mins 

Full access to training videos, workbooks, activities and reference material provided upon receipt of paid invoice. 


  • Module 1 –  20 Mins 

  • Module 2 – 4 Mins 

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