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Understanding Trauma






Loss triggers a natural response called grief. While commonly associated with death, it can manifest in various losses, whether it's a loved one, a relationship, a job, or something entirely different.

This training is valuable for those who work with individuals, families, or groups experiencing grief and loss with a deeper understanding of the stages involved the grief and loss process. The training not only equips participants to support others more effectively but also empowers them to apply these insights to their own experiences.


This training aims to enhance participants understanding of the grieving process by integrating psychological theories and insights on grief and loss with hands-on activities.  The intertwining of personal learning with professional growth can lead to a more empathetic and effective approach in service provision. The goal is to help participants to better understand how they can support and educate others.

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  • 9am - 3pm

  • Up to 20 Participants

  • Delivered in your organisation

  • Includes workbook & reference material


  • $,4,900 Plus GST

  • Plus travel costs


  • “A great refresher, and made me look deeper into my understanding of the 5 stages of grief and loss” Kira T

  • “The activities were great, and although I had to think about personal loss, the training was delivered in a way that I wasn’t left feeling sad!” Isobel K

  • “I’d recommend this training to anyone working with families.  It gave me some great tools to use when working with families who are in crisis” Lim L


  • Since 2019, over 5,000 people have participated in Grief and Loss Training.

  • 98.9% participants recommend this training to others

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