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Leading by Example

In this leadership workshop, we explore the skill of embracing risks, fostering self-awareness, and summoning the courage to challenge the status quo.


Our program caters to leaders from diverse backgrounds—be they Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal—because the essence of leadership transcends cultural boundaries, while recognising the rich tapestry of cultures that may shape a leadership role.

True leaders inspire others to reach for new heights and improvements. What sets them apart is their drive for innovation, inspired by a genuine pursuit. Success can be measured through the lens of team accomplishments and continuous learning.


Our workshop delves into the strategies of influencing individual or group behaviour to successfully attain desired objectives.

The leadership workshop can be comprised of any or all of the following topics;

Maintaining Integrity to unlock your leadership potential
- Balancing the commitments of community, career and character
- The importance of leadership in community

Individual strengths and areas for growth
- Examining your own leadership traits and how to apply them
- Understanding where your strengths fit within your community or organisation
- Recognising growth areas and how to reinforce your skills

The importance of authentic leadership and being true to yourself
- The role authenticity plays in effectively leading a team
- Advocating for yourself, developing your own leadership identity

Understand and align your cultural and corporate responsibilities
- Be present in all aspects of your life
- Confidently incorporate your personal journey
- Remain genuine to your true self

When cultures clash, and how this can impact on you
- Juggling corporate and personal responsibilities and cultures
- Understanding how our communication styles impact our life
- The art of mindfulness

Develop effective tools to communicate your values
- Understanding your own personal and professional needs
- Effectively present your values, and negotiate your needs with your organisation
- Handling difficult conversations with staff or community members

The importance of resilience and confidence for leaders
- Strategies on how to work with people with differing values to yourself
- Dealing with disappointment and setbacks throughout your career
- Identifying stress triggers and how to avoid them

Embracing and mastering your emotions

- Understanding the role emotions play in leadership
- Recognising when to lead with emotion and when not to
- Considering the impact of decisions on others



  • 9am - 3pm

  • 1-2 days

  • Up to 12 Participants

  • Delivered in your organisation

  • Includes workbook & reference material


  • $,4,900 per day Plus GST

  • Plus travel costs


  • “This training has changed the way I think about gossiping, and helped me understand how toxic it can be” Julie H

  • “I learnt ways to stop lateral violence happening to me, and will be sharing this information with my family, particularly my teenage daughters”  Michele M

  • Having a name for this cruel behaviour has given me the confidence to recognise and deal with the behaviour when I see it again.  Thanks Mel – you’re awesome!” Shan M


  • Since 2014, over 15,000 people have participated in Killing Me Softly Training.

  • 97.3% participants recommend this training to others

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