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Lateral Violenc

Lateral violence draws power from being nameless and invisible. 

The first step to tackling lateral violence is naming it & 

exposing the ways it impacts in our workplaces and communities." 

"Killing Me Softly - Lateral Violence Training" program is designed to be a transformative experience, encouraging participants to reflect on and address their own behaviours while providing practical strategies for reducing and managing lateral violence. 

The emphasis of our training is to prevent the normalisation of lateral violence in both our personal and professional lives. The connection between normalising such behaviours and the subsequent negative impact on workplace environments and lead to increased grievances, lost work hours, and worker's compensation costs. 

Many workplace policies, particularly those related to bullying, may not adequately address the subtleties of lateral violence. By making lateral violence training compulsory, organisations can proactively address this issue, potentially mitigating the negative consequences such as high staff turnover and the associated costs of replacing and training new staff. 

By creating awareness and providing strategies for identification and management of lateral violence, our training program can play a crucial role in fostering healthier and safer environments. 

The benefits for organisations are; 

  • Improved knowledge on issues which currently effect grievances and worker compensation claims 

  • Ability to create procedures and policies which address lateral violence to prevent them from becoming grievance and worker compensation claims 

  • A happier workplace environment which adds to the reduction of staff turnover 

  • Savings of thousands of dollars in lost time, workers compensation, staff recruitment and training costs. 


  • 9am - 3pm

  • Up to 20 Participants

  • Delivered in your organisation

  • Includes workbook & reference material


  • $,4,900 Plus GST

  • Plus travel costs


  • “This training has changed the way I think about gossiping, and helped me understand how toxic it can be” Julie H

  • “I learnt ways to stop lateral violence happening to me, and will be sharing this information with my family, particularly my teenage daughters”  Michele M

  • Having a name for this cruel behaviour has given me the confidence to recognise and deal with the behaviour when I see it again.  Thanks Mel – you’re awesome!” Shan M


  • Since 2014, over 9,000 people have participated in Killing Me Softly Training.

  • 97.3% participants recommend this training to others

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