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Understanding the Fundamental



The primary objective of this workshop is to delve into the distinction between Aboriginal heritage and identity. Historically, there has been a lack of space within governments, organisations, and communities for individuals of Aboriginal descent who choose to identify as Aboriginal but may not necessarily engage in Aboriginal culture. This workshop seeks to address and rectify this gap in understanding and acknowledgment.

This workshop explores how children and families hold the inherent right to self-determine whether they wish to be acknowledged as having Aboriginal heritage or identify with an Aboriginal identity.

Imposing Aboriginal culture on those who opt not to engage in it can potentially harm families, placing undue stress on both the child and the family. In such cases, mainstream services may prove more effective in meeting their needs while respecting their choice to recognise their ancestry without the expectation of identifying as "Aboriginal."

However, ongoing consultation with the natural family, extended family, caregivers, and other significant individuals in the family's life should explore whether the child and family would find value in learning more about their Aboriginal culture. This consultation serves as a means of encouraging and supporting them on their journey toward embracing their Aboriginal identity.



  • 9am - 3pm

  • Up to 20 Participants

  • Delivered in your organisation

  • Includes workbook & reference material


  • $,4,900 Plus GST

  • Plus travel costs

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