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This training is designed to actively challenge and reassess pre-existing perceptions of Aboriginal Peoples and their culture, fostering an environment that encourages participants to cultivate a more respectful understanding of Aboriginal clients, colleagues, and society at large.  

Through engaging in a personalised journey, participants will be prompted to take risks, challenge conventional thought processes, and push beyond existing boundaries, facilitating an exploration of their own experiences in interacting with and providing services for Aboriginal Peoples and clients. 

The training will address cultural realities with the explicit goal of enhancing service delivery to Aboriginal clients and co-workers. By delving into the intricacies of cultural dynamics, participants will gain valuable insights that can be applied to create more culturally responsive and effective interactions in their professional settings. 

In essence, this training seeks to dismantle and test prior notions about Aboriginal Peoples and their culture, instilling in participants a deeper and more respectful comprehension of their relationships with Aboriginal clients, colleagues, and the broader societal context. 

Spirit Dreaming training includes the following key elements; 

  • Stolen Generations 

The term "Stolen Generations" refers to a chapter in Australian history, particularly from the late 19th century to the 1970s. During this period, Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families, communities, and cultural heritage by government authorities and welfare agencies. 

The rationale behind these removals was based on misguided policies aimed at assimilating Indigenous children into European-Australian society. The belief was that by separating them from their Indigenous cultures and communities, they could be assimilated into mainstream society. Children were often placed in institutions, foster homes, or adopted by non-Indigenous families. 

The impact of the Stolen Generations has been profound and enduring. Many Indigenous individuals experienced trauma, loss of cultural identity, and disrupted family connections. The policies led to a breakdown of cultural continuity, language, and traditions within Indigenous communities. 

  • Historical and social factors for Aboriginal Peoples compared to non-Indigenous                                                                          Australia 

The historical and social factors for Aboriginal Peoples in Australia compared to

non-Indigenous Australians are marked by a complex interplay of historical events,

systemic discrimination, and ongoing challenges. 

Addressing these disparities helps us to better understand the importance of having

culturally sensitive policies, and committing to collaborative conversations between

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.  


  • Transgenerational trauma 

Transgenerational trauma refers to the transmission of trauma or psychological distress

from one generation to the next. This phenomenon occurs when the effects of trauma

experienced by an individual or a community are carried forward through familial, cultural,

or societal structures. The term is often associated with the impact of historical events,

such as war, genocide, forced displacement, or cultural suppression, on subsequent


In the context of Aboriginal communities the concept of transgenerational trauma is

particularly relevant. The trauma experienced by earlier generations, such as the Stolen

Generations and other historical injustices, can manifest in the form of mental health

challenges, substance abuse, family breakdowns, and social issues within succeeding


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  • 1-30 employee’s $8,000 + gst 

  • 31-100 employee’s $13,000 + gst  

  • Over 100 employees Please contact us for the costings. 


  • 3 Training video's

  • Workbooks 

  • Activities


  • Module 1 –  1:44 Mins 

  • Module 2 – 44 Mins 

  • Module 3 – 35 Mins 

Full access to training videos, workbooks, activities and reference material provided upon receipt of paid invoice. 

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