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Conflict Resolution Skills



Navigating conflict entails an understanding of the stages contingent upon the nature of the confrontation. Amidst the potential conflict are a specific set of actions and personal skills which serve as invaluable tools for addressing conflicts, irrespective of their particularities.

Sources of conflict can include personal disparities—values, ethics, personalities, age, education, gender, socioeconomic status, cultural background, temperament, health, religion, political beliefs, and more. However, not every challenging encounter necessitates de-escalation techniques, and assertive practices suffice in some instances.

De-escalation is a method to prevent conflicts from intensifying and, ideally, to peacefully resolve them. The ultimate goal is to diminish agitation and the potential for violence in an individual.

Effectively employing de-escalation techniques involve recognising subtle signs of distress in an individual and intervening appropriately to prevent a potential crisis. It goes beyond merely halting behaviour, but also entails using suitable intervention strategies to soothe and reconnect with the underlying emotions driving the behaviour.

Diverse de-escalation techniques, both verbal and non-verbal, exist to cater to individual needs. A one-size-fits-all approach isn't always, however understanding basic strategies tailored to each situation would yield the most success.

This training aims to enhance existing skill sets, instilling confidence in managing such situations with a calming and respectful approach.


  • 1-30 employee’s $5,000 + gst 

  • 31-100 employee’s 8,000 + gst  

  • Over 100 employees -

      Please contact us for the costings. 


  • 1 Training video

  • Workbooks 

  • Activities

  • Reference material 


  • Module 1 –  1:15 Mins 

Full access to training videos, workbooks, activities and reference material provided upon receipt of paid invoice. 

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