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Understanding Expectations

in Our Workplace


Either working with families in trauma or leading a team, professional boundaries are important skills to have.  This workshop will explore many types of boundaries and provide strategies in how to best manage them.

Professional boundaries refer to the limits and guidelines that define appropriate and ethical interactions in a professional setting. These boundaries are established to maintain a respectful and professional relationship between individuals, particularly in roles where there is a power dynamic or a duty of care. Professional boundaries help ensure a safe and effective working environment by setting clear expectations for behaviour and communication.

These boundaries can include physical, emotional, and social limits. For example:

1.     Physical Boundaries: Refers to maintaining appropriate physical distance and touch in professional relationships. It involves respecting personal space and refraining from actions that could be perceived as invasive.

2.     Emotional Boundaries: Involves maintaining a level of detachment and objectivity in professional relationships. Professionals need to manage their emotions and avoid becoming overly involved or emotionally dependent on clients or colleagues.

3.     Social Media and Communication Boundaries: Professionals need to be mindful of how they use social media and other communication channels. Sharing personal information, engaging in inappropriate discussions, or crossing other professional boundaries online can be detrimental.

4.     Confidentiality Boundaries: Respecting and maintaining confidentiality is crucial. Professionals are often privy to sensitive information, and it's essential to safeguard this information unless disclosure is required by law or ethical standards.

5.     Time and Availability Boundaries: Setting clear expectations regarding working hours, availability, and response times is important. Professionals need to balance their commitments and avoid overextending themselves.


Establishing and maintaining professional boundaries is vital for creating a healthy and respectful work environment, fostering trust, and ensuring ethical conduct in various professions, including healthcare, counselling, education, and business.



  • 9am - 3pm

  • Up to 20 Participants

  • Delivered in your organisation

  • Includes workbook & reference material


  • $,4,900 Plus GST

  • Plus travel costs

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