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Our most effective learning occurs when we grasp the influence an experience has had on us. To truly comprehend its significance, we must connect with the emotions associated with our learning. Once we've gained insight into our emotions and their impact, we can merge this newfound knowledge to instigate transformative shifts in our lives.

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Spirit Dreaming's primary objective is to offer a diverse array of Aboriginal training and educational programs. These programs are designed to elevate cultural competency and foster a deeper appreciation for Aboriginal Peoples in both professional environments and our communities.

In the context of Spirit Dreaming workshops, all participants are encouraged to reflect on their personal experiences. This introspection aids in recognizing and attaining the desired learning outcomes, which are central to various workshops organized by our organization.

Spirit Dreaming specializes in addressing transgenerational trauma, lateral violence, and cultural burdens. These three components of Aboriginal culture have significantly molded and impacted Aboriginal families since the era of colonization. They can be considered pivotal factors that may hinder our ability to achieve positive outcomes in areas such as health, education, housing, and, most importantly, overall well-being.

Our workshops at Spirit Dreaming are led by experienced and proficient facilitators. These facilitators possess expertise in arts-based therapy, counseling skills, and mentoring qualifications. This unique blend of qualifications guarantees that each training workshop features a wide range of interactive therapeutic activities. These activities are designed to deeply engage participants on a personal level, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.


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Current Training

- Lateral Violence -Killing me softley

The Lateral Violence workshop intends to delve into the dynamics of behaviors associated with lateral violence and their effects on individuals, families, communities, and organizations.

Participants will embark on a personal journey, where they will be prompted to investigate instances of lateral violence and its past impacts on both themselves and others. They will be guided in developing strategies to diminish and effectively address lateral violence in their professional and personal spheres.

- Aboriginal Cultrual Responiveness - Whats up with my Mob?

Aboriginal Cultural Responiveness workshop aims to challenge and test past perceptions of Aboriginal Peoples and their culture

and will encourage participants to develop a more respectful understanding of Aboriginal clients, work mates and society in general.

- De-Escalation Techinques

Conflict, disagreements, and change are inherent aspects of both our personal and professional journeys. They serve as opportunities for individuals, whether two or more, to seek harmonious resolutions to their differences.

When mishandled, conflict has the potential to inflict significant damage on relationships. Yet, when approached with respect and a positive mindset, conflict transforms into an opportunity—a chance to strengthen the connections between individuals. Possessing the ability to navigate and defuse conflict allows for the resolution of disparities in a respectful manner, fostering stronger and more rewarding relationships.

- Vicarious Trauma

Experiencing vicarious trauma is a common reaction when consistently exposed to the trauma of others. Offering support to individuals who have undergone traumatic experiences, and being immersed in their stories through hearing, seeing, and learning, can gradually affect various aspects of your personal life.

This training program delves into the nature, dynamics, and risks of vicarious trauma, aiming to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to recognize early signs of stress outcomes. Informed by current research, it provides a comprehensive exploration of organisational and personal strategies to address the risks of vicarious trauma and its consequences.

- Grief & Loss

Loss triggers a natural response called grief. While commonly associated with death, it can manifest in various losses, whether it's a loved one, a relationship, a job, or something entirely different.  

This training is valuable for those who work with individuals, families, or groups experiencing grief and loss with a deeper understanding of the stages involved the grief and loss process. The training not only equips participants to support others more effectively but also empowers them to apply these insights to their own experiences.  

This training aims to enhance participants understanding of the grieving process by integrating psychological theories and insights on grief and loss with hands-on activities.  The intertwining of personal learning with professional growth can lead to a more empathetic and effective approach in service provision. The goal is to help participants to better understand how they can support and educate others. 

- Family Group Conferencing 

Australian Family Group Conferencing & Assessments are an Aboriginal Organisation specialising in Family Group Conferencing & training, Aboriginal Kinship and Family Assessments and Permanency Planning Assessments, for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families, and for families with disabilities.

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