We learn best when we understand how

an experience has affected us.

We need to feel what we are learning to enable us

to fully understand its impact.

Once we understand our feelings and how it has affected us,

we can integrate our learning to

create change in our lives.

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Spirit Dreaming aims to provide a range of Aboriginal training and educational programs to increase cultural competency and promote a greater understanding of Aboriginal Peoples within the workplace and our communities.


Spirit Dreaming workshops encourage all participants to reflect upon personal experiences to recognise and achieve learning outcomes in a range of various workshops facilitated by our organisation.



Training Participants

stated they

"Learnt alot from the training" 


Training participants 


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Spirit Dreaming have trained over




  since 2014



Spirit Dreaming are specialist in transgenerational trauma, lateral violence and cultural loads. These three aspects of Aboriginal culture have shaped and influenced Aboriginal families since colonisation and can be considered the determining factor which can inhibit our ability to have successful outcomes in health, education, housing and most importantly – wellbeing.


Spirit Dreaming workshops are facilitated by experienced and professional facilitators who are experienced in arts based therapy and have counselling skills and mentoring qualifications. This combination ensures that each training workshop includes a range of interactive therapeutic activities to engage participants at a personal level to enhance learning outcomes.