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Connecting to our own stories allows us to understand who we are are,
and how we view the world.

The deepest learning we can experience is when we make the
connections to our own stories.
Reflecting upon those stories allows us the opportunity to decide if we are happy with what we know, or if we need to consider other ways of thinking.

Spirit Dreaming's primary objective is to offer a diverse array of Aboriginal training and educational programs. These programs are designed to elevate cultural competency and foster a deeper appreciation for Aboriginal Peoples in both professional environments and our communities.

In the context of Spirit Dreaming workshops, all participants are encouraged to reflect on their personal experiences which are central to various workshops organised by our organisation... "By connecting to our personal experiences, our learning occurs at a deeper level".

Spirit Dreaming specialises in addressing transgenerational trauma, lateral violence, and cultural responsibilities. These three components of Aboriginal culture have significantly moulded and impacted Aboriginal families since the era of colonisation. They can be considered pivotal factors that may hinder our ability to achieve positive outcomes in areas such as health, education, housing, and, most importantly, overall well-being.

For over 15 years, Spirit Dreaming has been a dedicated provider of training services to government entities, non-government organisations, and private enterprises. Our primary goal is to develop and deliver tailored training solutions that precisely align with the unique requirements of each organisation. This involves the adaptation of existing training materials, whether sourced from our extensive range of training options or the organisation's current training programs.

Throughout our journey, we've formed meaningful partnerships with numerous organisations, collaborating on the creation of both in-house and external training initiatives. Notably, we have successfully implemented various Train the Trainer programs, which serve as excellent platforms for honing workplace skills and empowering internal delivery of training to address the specific needs of each organisation.

Our workshops at Spirit Dreaming are led by experienced and proficient facilitators. These facilitators possess expertise in training delivery, in addition to having experience in arts-based therapy, counselling skills, and mentoring qualifications. This unique blend of qualifications guarantees that each training workshop features a wide range of interactive activities. These activities are designed to deeply engage participants on a personal level, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.


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Self-paced training provides flexibility and accommodates diverse learning styles. Work groups can progress at their own speed through each module at times that are suitable to the team. Additionally, with the transition to online education, accessing materials has become more convenient, available at any time and from any location.

Spirit Dreaming have transitioned a number of our trainings on-line, complete with workbooks and resources, and are able to cater to both small and large workforces.

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Facilitated training & workshops proves to be an excellent choice for most work groups, creating an environment that encourages open discussion and exploration of various topics with both peers and the facilitator.

Spirit Dreaming offers a diverse range of training programs, each customisable to align with the specific needs of your organisation or to compliment your RAP.

Our training sessions are designed to cater to work groups of any size and can be conducted at any location across Australia.

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Creating educational and training packages is aimed at enhancing the job performance of individuals or groups through targeted development or contextualisation.

These programs often encompass workplace orientation and the enhancement of knowledge and skills to elevate overall job performance.

At Spirit Dreaming, we bring expertise to the table, whether it's creating new training packages or refining and contextualising your existing workplace training.

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