Workplace Wellbeing


1  Training Overview


AIM - Explore how each individual impacts on other’s and how this can affect personal, community and professional relationships and outcomes.


This workshop is based on team building principles, exploring values and ethics, and how these impact on the way we view ourselves personally and within our workplace and communities.


Team Building is an ever-evolving process which involves various types of activities to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, and is designed to improve the efficiency, and explore interpersonal relationship which effect the overall moral of a team.


Our workshop is deigned to gently and respectfully explore and address a range of issues which effects teams who have undergone major changes, experienced traumatic events, changes of management or are working in isolation.


This workshop is intended to improve personal wellbeing, team performance and client service by;


  • Understanding and aligning the goals of the participants

  • Enhancing existing working relationships

  • Reducing participant’s ambiguity in relation to their roles

  • Finding solutions to team problems

  • Understanding our relationships in our communities and with our communities

  • Understand the concept of lateral violence and it’s impacts


Fun is an important component to this workshop, but the intent is productive, focused, and aligned with the Organisations goals for our training outcomes.


Our workshop will allow participants the opportunity to create solutions that are meaningful to themselves, the team and the organisation. 

2  Workshop duration


1 Day