Train the Trainer


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Train the Trainer Workshops



1. Training Overview


Train the Trainer will provide 10 participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver this program within their own workplaces or communities.

The program will engage participants in a three day workshop to further expand their knowledge in relation to the following;

  • Transgenerational trauma

  • Lateral violence

  • Cultural loads


The three day program will entail a range of workshops which explore issues in a detailed manner.  Participants will be encouraged to explore personal and professional issues to enable them to competantly present this workshop in a professional and informative manner.

Participants in this program must be -

  • Aboriginal, or

  • A non-Aboriginal person working in partnership with another Aboriginal person trained in this program




2.   Workshop duration


3 Days


3.   Workshop content and outcomes

Day 1 


Pre-Skills Evaluations
Personal History
Overview of transgenerational trauma

Overview of lateral violence 

Overview of cultural loads


Day 2

Group work and facilitation skills

Managing challenging group dymanics

Presentation of mini Workshop


Day 3 

Practice workshop presentations

Future planing & goal setting




Benefits of Training the Trainer


The licenced organisation can save a significant amount of training expenditure 

by having their own “in house” licenced Trainer.





Spirit Dreaming is committed to ensuring that all staff who complete the What’s Up with My Mob? Train the Trainer program receives regular planned professional supervision.


The provision of professional supervision to Trainers ensures:

  • That What’s Up with My Mob Trainers practice standards are met

  • That staff continue to develop their own cultural competency, and are supported to provide the training in a professional and knowledgeable manner


Principles of Supervision

  • Ongoing professional supervision is essential to the provision of a transparent, accountable, positive and supportive training environment. This in turn builds resilient, capable and professionally competent Trainers who understand and meet their accountabilities within the delivery of the What’s Up with My Mob? Training program.

  • Supervision provides the basis for review, evaluation and continuous improvement in the delivery of high quality training to workshop participants.

  • Supervision must reflect cultural understanding and respect for Trainers and their participants.



Overview of Licensing Terms


  • Only trained Trainers are entitled to deliver this program under the What’s Up with My Mob? Licensing agreement.

  • The initial What’s up with My Mob? licensing period is for 15 months only, and renewal will be negotiated upon the completion of the licensing agreement.

  • What’s Up with My Mob? license only entitles the Trainer to deliver this program within the organisation which holds the licence, however can be delivered as often as required for the duration of the licensing period.

  • What’s Up with My Mob? Trainers are not permitted to deliver this program in a private capacity or receive any facilitation fees.

  • Supervision must occur between Spirit Dreaming and the Trainer twice during the period of the licensing contract.