Steppin Up



1. Training Overview


Steppin Up program is an advanced leadership program which aims to benefit Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Workers wishing to move upward into management positions, creating the confidence and skills to seek advanced management positions within their existing management structures, or through alternative pathways.

The program will engage participants in a three day workshop to explore the following;

  • Personal strengths based skills and knowledge

  • Personal and professional challenges of advancing in/through management roles

  • Personal sabotaging behaviours which have/may effect professional advancement

  • Exploring and re-designing short/ medium/long term goals


The three day program will entail a range of therapeutic workshops which explore issues in a detailed manner.  Participants will be encouraged to explore personal and professional issues which challenge their abilities to “Step Up” to higher management positions within or outside their organisations.

Participants in this program must already be working in paid or non-paid positions and wish to improve their current leadership skills with the aim of moving into higher positions in the future.

Steppin’ Up program is based on a therapeutic intervention program which will engage participants in a process which explores the deeper and more personal issues which challenge our abilities to move upwards through management positions.


2.   Workshop duration


3 Days


3.   Workshop content and outcomes

Day 1 - Welcome


Pre-Skills Evaluations
Personal History
ResilienceParticipants to explore their strengths and learn how personal history’s impacts on abilities to succeed.

Assessment of prior knowledge, personal wellbeing and workplace satisfaction.

Explore how personal history and experiences impact on ability to be successful.

Explore personal strengths.


Day 2 - Strong and Deadly

Tough Times
Dumping the Rubbish

Participants to gain an in-depth understanding of their coping mechanisms, triggers and problem solving skills.

Engage in arts based activities to explore inner strengths.

Explore how participants manage difficult situations in personal and professional life.

Therapeutic exercise to disengage from destructive behaviours.


Day 3 - Who Am I

Magic Wand
Support PlanParticipants to consolidate their learnings to be confident in their skills and to create goals for both professional and personal uses.

Participants to engage in a therapeutic activity to find the best that they can be.

Personal and professional goal setting.Create individual and professional support plans.