Killing me Softly

Lateral Violence Workshop


1  Training Overview


The Lateral Violence workshop aims to explore the behaviours related to lateral violence

 and how these behaviours impacts of individuals, families, communities and organisations.


Participants will engage in a personal journey where they will be encouraged explore lateral violent behaviours and how these have impacted on themselves and other’s in the past.  The participants will be encouraged to create strategies in reducing and managing lateral violence in their own work and personal lives.


This workshop will greatly benefit

  • Organisations who  provide any type of support services to  clients

  • Organisations who are undergoing change within their  work environment

  • Workers within a workplace which specialise in working with high needs or minority groups 



2  Workshop duration


1 Day



3  Workshop content and outcomes


1. Welcome-

Feel inspired and comfortable about participating in the workshop.  Introduction of facilitator, introduction of participants in a culturally appropriate way.


2. Introduction to Lateral Violence -

Provide basic information regarding lateral violence


3. Lateral Violent behaviours -

Understand specific laterally violent behaviours


4.Why we participate in Lateral Violence - 

Explore why we engage in lateral violence and where we have learnt such behaviours


5. How Lateral Violence impacts on Individuals, Families, community and organisations -

Explore how each person has been effected by lateral violence personally and within their communities and workplaces


6. Strategic Plans -

Develop personal and professional plans either individually or in a group to address lateral violence


7. Evaluation -

Evaluation of learning outcomes

Personal evaluations