Spirit Dreaming is able to provide mentoring services to assist employees and employers who may be experiencing issues that impact on job performance.


Mentoring can include counselling, mediation, relationship skills, and professional training. Services are tailored to respond to the specific needs of the employee and organisation.


The purpose of mentoring is to promote personal well-being in the workplace in order to enhance people’s work life.


Our Mentoring Programs are designed to assist employees at all levels of an organisation to better deal with personal and work-related concerns and include;

  • Providing mentoring in a group setting, e.g. team based participation.

  • Provision of risk management initiatives through the process and implementation of continuous quality improvement.

  • Developing and encouraging positive performance attitudes in individuals and teams.


Mentoring Programs can be tailored to address situations that require a workplace recovery response such as;

  • Traumatic events that may occur in the workplace. eg death, accident

  • Changes to management or work practices.