1  Training Overview


What’s Up with My Mob workshop aims to address cultural realities in order to improve service delivery to Aboriginal clients and co-workers.  This workshop will explores the issues related to;

1. Learning about the three major issues which impact on Aboriginal Peoples of today;

  • Transgenerational Trauma

  • Lateral Violence

  • Trauma in Aboriginal Communities

2.   Identify and consider the actual and potential impacts of these issues upon Aboriginal Peoples.
3.   Develop the skills for managing clients and families who are affected by these issues.
4.    Learn about available resources to better provide services to Aboriginal clients and families.


2  Workshop duration


1 Day



3  Workshop content and outcomes


1. Welcome-

Feel inspired and comfortable about participating in the workshop.Introduction of facilitator, introduction of participants in a culturally appropriate way.

2. Brief historical overview of events which shaped our future and identified reports which recommended changes to the way in which Aboriginal Peoples were treated. 


3. Overview of Transgenerational Trauma, Lateral violence and Cultural loads-

Provide basic information regarding how each of these three aspects of Aboriginal trauma effect our Peoples.

Brief details on each aspect of trauma and how they are interrelated.


4. Transgenerational Trauma-

Explore issues regarding transgenerational and its effects on today’s Aboriginal Peoples.

Identification and basic familiarisation of transgenerational trauma.

Group exercise to assist participants to identify the issues and effects of transgenerational trauma.


5. Lateral Violence-

Explore the meaning of lateral violence and its effects on Aboriginal Peoples and communities.

Identification and familiarisation of the concept of lateral violence.


6. Trauma in Aboriginal Communities -

Explore how trauma impacts on Aboriginal families and how it effects service provision to Aboriginal Peoples.


What's Up With My Mob