1  Training Overview


The workshop will focus on the impacts of colonisation on the social and emotional well-being of Aboriginal peoples, and Aboriginal understandings of mental health.


This workshop will explore both risk factors and protective behaviours for Aboriginal Peoples experiencing mental health issues by addressing the following critical issue;Grief and loss. This includes grief about the loss of culture, land, connection, and many more areas, often connected to the history of invasion.


  • Stolen Generations. The impact of the past Stolen Generations and ongoing removal of children puts a lot of mental pressure on people, especially when government departments just follow procedures.

  • Trauma. Trauma is a huge factor in Aboriginal health and an agent for many health conditions. If unresolved, trauma can debilitate a person and be passed on to the next generation.

  • Loss of identity & culture. When Aboriginal people are separated from their culture and identity, for example when they don’t live on their traditional homelands or don’t know where they are coming from, they don’t feel complete or search for who they are.

  • Discrimination and racism. Discrimination based on race or culture, as well as racism, can have a huge impact on any person’s mental health.

  • Poor physical health. Physical health problems contribute to the feeling of inadequacy and exclusion, and some people might stop socialising or exercising. 23% of Aboriginal people reported having both a mental health condition and one or more other long-term health conditions. 

  • ncarceration Being imprisoned has a huge effect on people’s mental health.

  • Culturally inappropriate treatment. Especially the health area is prone to assess Aboriginal people with non-Aboriginal criteria, or expose them to culturally insensitive environments.

  • Violence. Domestic violence, as well as violence in prisons, for example, contributes to poor mental health.

  • Substance abuse. When Aboriginal people misuse substances to ease their inner pain, it can lead to follow-on issues, such as depression.


Above list is adapted from www.creativespirits.info

2  Workshop duration


2 Day



Aboriginal Mental Health