Aboriginal Cultural Competency


1  Training Overview


Aboriginal Cultural Safety and Competency workshop aims to challenge and test past perceptions of Aboriginal Peoples and their culture and will encourage participants to develop a more respectful understanding of Aboriginal clients, work mates and society in general.
Participants will engage in a personal journey where they will be encouraged to take risks with ideas and thought processes and will challenge existing boundaries to discover the nature of their own personal experiences in dealing with Aboriginal Peoples and clients.
Participants will better understand their own experiences of shame and discrimination through a series of therapeutic based sessions, and then integrate this learning into strategies which will effectively improve personal and workplace attitudes towards Aboriginal Peoples.


2   Workshop duration

1 Day



3  Workshop content and outcomes


1. Welcome -

Feel inspired and comfortable about participating in the workshopIntroduction of facilitator, introduction of participants in a culturally appropriate way


2. Cultural Education -

Provide basic information regarding the effects of colonisationData and basic stats 


3. Cultural Understanding -

Identify the influences which have shaped our Aboriginal futureIdentification and basic familiarisation of  crucial reports and discussion regarding transgenerational trauma and lateral violence


4. Shame  

Explore how each participant has been effected by shame and how it has impacted on their lives.Group exercise to assist participants to recall how shame feels and to recognise its effects on each of us as individuals.


5. Discrimination -

Explore situations where each participant has been subjected to discrimination or unfair judgments made against them.

Group exercise for participants to recall how discrimination feels and to recognise its effects on each of us as individuals. 


6. Strategic Plans -

Develop personal and professional plans either individually or in a group to improve relationships with Aboriginal clients and co-workers.Workbook exercise to develop plans.

References to a range of  organisations Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) to assist participant in creating their own strategic plan


7. Evaluation -

Evaluation of learning outcomesPersonal evaluations